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WHEN is a highly visual timer based on an adaptive, flexible and intuitively designed grid system, creating an easy and beatiful way to track all those moments that occur.

Use it when

  • Visualizing time passed while travelling with kids

  • Having a workshop session with your team

  • Running intervals in the park

  • Doing high intensity training at the gym

  • Planning a presentation or lecture


    …and much more

Perfect for

workouts & workshops

We all value and measure our time differently, why shouldn’t time be displayed on the same personal premises? WHEN brings the act of adaptive timekeeping to your mobile device by shifting your focus from the set rules of the ticking clock to an experience of time designed around you.

Use cases

Working out

WHEN are we ready with this interval exercise, are we half way through or what?”

Travelling with children

In the car with your beloved little ones – “WHEN are we there, how long do we have left?”

At work

In the meeting room keeping focus – “WHEN is this session done, do we follow the time plan?”

At home

Or simply WHEN you want to keep track on the cooking process and get a perfectly cooked pasta.